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WALK IN CLINIC IS CANCELLED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE…….Use the contact tab to send a message.

Flu VaccinesFlu vaccines are now available for Clairhurst patients. Please use the contact tab on this website to book an appointment. Flu Vaccines
Grade 7 Vaccines (up to age 17yrs)Vaccines: Menactra, Hepatitis B and HPV are available for Clairhurst patients. Toronto Public Health has cancelled the in school program. We are receiving a limited supply and have a waiting list. Please use the contact tab on this website to send a message to be added to our wait list and called for an appointment. If the patient has already had the first dose, we require proof of date and name of vaccine prior to booking an appointmentGrade 7 Vaccines
Covid 19 VaccinesClairhurst will not be administering Covid 19 Vaccines in our office; be sure to say hello if you see a familiar face administering in the local TPH pop up clinics! Helpful information: Are we recommending the COVID vaccine for our patients who are 5 years and older? The short answer is YES-we recommend ALL of our patients 5 years and older receive the vaccine. The long answer…see below. We will try to answer why the vaccine is both necessary and safe.

FAQ Q1-Aren’t younger children less likely to develop serious illness from COVID compared to adults? A1-While it is true that younger children are less likely to have bad outcomes from COVID (like hospitalization, death) compared to adults, the risk is NOT zero. Sadly, there are children who have and will develop serious illness, long COVID symptoms, and even death. Deaths have been reported in children with and without underlying medical conditions. Research shows that the vaccine is both safe and effective, and we feel the risk benefit balance strongly favours getting the vaccine over illness.

Q2-Are the vaccines safe for a young child? (Short term) A2-The research shows that in the short term, the vaccine side effects are very similar to many of the vaccines that your children have previously received; injection site soreness, muscle aches, and fever are common examples. The question about myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) and/or pericarditis (inflammation of the sac around the heart), has not yet been answered in this younger age group. It is an uncommon and typically mild (does not require hospitalization) side effect seen in teens and young adults. Keep in mind that getting ill from COVID can lead to myocarditis, which is typically MUCH more severe and life threatening when compared to the vaccine side effect.

Q3-Are the vaccines safe for a young child? (Long term) A3 Obviously, there are no data to answer the question of long term safety of COVID vaccines. Keep in mind that with ANY “new” vaccine, there will be no long term data. To date, there has NOT been a situation where a “new” vaccine -including several vaccines that are part of today’s routine schedule-has caused a long term problem or complication. While this is no guarantee, we feel very confident that vaccination risks are MUCH lower than the risk of COVID illness.

Q4 Should my eleven year old wait until 12yrs old to get the adult dose? A4 The consensus from experts is to get the first covid 19 vaccine available.

Q5 Is there a time frame between other vaccines that I have to wait? For example – flu shot….. A5 The National Advisory Committee on Immunization has recommended Covid 19 vaccine for children age 5 -11 years old should NOT be given at the same time with other vaccines. In the absence of evidence it is considered prudent to wait for a period of at least 14 days before or after administration of another vaccine.

Q6: What is the time we need to wait if my child is positive for Covid 19 virus? A6: After the 10 days quarantine and the patient is feeling well again.

Q7: Should I get the 2nd Covid 19 vaccine sooner than 8 weeks after the first one? A7: There is better immunity if you wait the full 8 weeks.

Q8: Should I get the Covid 19 vaccine prior to my child’s fifth birthday? A8: It is not recommended to receive the Covid 19 vaccine prior to the fifth birthday. Even if you manage to book an appointment, the clinics are turning away children on the day if they are not yet five years old.

As you are making this important decision about the vaccine for your children, here is a FACT to consider: vaccines truly are a miracle of science, and save more lives than ANY other medical or surgical intervention. For a truly frightening thought, ask yourself where would we all be today if there was no COVID vaccine?

“You are entitled to your own opinion. But you are not entitled to your own facts” Daniel Patrick Moynihan

Additionally Covid 19 vaccine information can be found at: aboutkidshealth.ca Ontario Ministry of Health Vaccine Portal opens November 23rd 2021. Children age 5-11yrs will be eligible to book an appointment at tphbookings.ca or Ontario.ca/bookvaccine or by calling 1-833-943-3900

Covid 19 Vaccines
PLEASE READ >>PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO COMING TO THE OFFICE: DUE TO COVID-19 we have a few guide lines that need to be followed to reduce the numbers in the clinic and assist with patient flow: One parent per child in the office Masks must be worn by everyone over 2 years old If you have travelled please do not come to the office for at least 10 days after your return. If you or your child are sick, do not come to the office, use the contact us tab on this website to send us a message. If you are 10 minutes late for your booked appointment, the Dr will not see you. Please use the contact us tab to reschedule your appointment. We require 48 hours business days notice to cancel your appointment. No strollers in the office, please park along the wall in the hallway Please leave directly after your appointment and contact us by the website to book your next appointment Use hand sanitizer often No walk in – patients must have a booked appointment If you have a Medical Emergency – Go directly to your nearest hospital Emergency Department or call 911<< PLEASE READ