Some of the frequently asked questions we receive:

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, phones are answered from 9.45am – 4pm.

Use the contact tab on this website, send brief detail of your concern, attach a photo if the issue is visible. We will contact you with the next step.

On weekends, the “on call” Dr is posted on our website and answering machine. Contact them directly.

If it is an emergency, go directly to your nearest Hospital or Emergency Department.

Call your pharmacy, they may have repeats still available, if not, ask them to fax a repeat request to us. 416-531-1639
Send us a message using the contact tab on this website with the name of the medication and dose.

Be sure to include your pharmacies fax and phone number. We are unable to process prescription refills if any of these requirements are not submitted in your message.

Your doctor will take care of your request unless the patient needs to be seen, in this case, we will call you to book an appointment.

There may be a charge for this service.

Use the contact tab to request an immunization record, be sure to type in the email address you would like it sent to. We will not process requests with no email address in the message.

Fill out the contact form for each child separately.

You are also welcome to pick up a copy when you are in the office.

It may take a couple of weeks to complete forms, make sure you fill in the patients name and demographics before sending it to us by fax, attachment on our contact tab on this website, mail or drop off at reception. We will notify you when it is ready.

If you would like it emailed back to you, please send a message through our contact tab giving us permission to email it and be sure to include the email address you would like it sent to. We cannot send it to a third party, parent only.

Some forms (ie: camp and school trips) require a visit to the office. Check the form and if they require blood pressure, a recent physical, please book an appointment. Note: we book physicals 3 months in advance so plan ahead for summer camp etc.

Forms will be filled out by your own doctor. If your doctor is out of the office and you leave it until last minute, you may be disappointed.

Most forms are not covered by OHIP, there will be a charge.

A referral from your pediatrician or family physician is needed to see a specialist. Referrals need to be faxed if you want to see one of our specialists at Clairhurst. You and your doctor will be notified of the appointment.

Annual Physicals: Our pediatricians are often booked a few months in advance, especially for the beginning and end of day appointments.

For non-urgent appointments, we are booking 4 – 6 weeks ahead.

Of course, if your child is sick or the condition cannot wait, use the contact tab, send a message with brief description of your concern, add a photo if its visible (ie: rash, pink eye, wound, red throat). Your message will be returned the same day.

If it is a medical emergency go directly to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department or call 911

Our phone lines are extremely busy, it is better to use the contact tab on the website, we will get back to you.

We endeavor to return phone calls and messages in a timely manner,

However, with phone messages, often bad reception from mobile phones, inaudible (speaking quietly, background noise, not leaving a clear phone number or name) prevents us from returning calls.

Website messages: This method is much easier as we have the patients details so we can look up the details and phone numbers that are often typed in in-correctly.

Please bear in mind that requests often need an answer or action from the doctor.  Our doctors are busy with patients throughout the day, so often it takes a few days to compile the information needed to respond.  Sometimes your pediatrician is on vacation and your message waiting for them to return.

Sick or newborn babies will always have a prompt response if your message is clear.

Not all services are covered by OHIP.  You will receive an invoice if you have received a service that your OHIP does not cover.  For example: letters, camp forms and physicals, missed appointments.

There are a number of options in the neighbourhood. 

Green P Parking on the south east corner of Bathurst & St Clair. 

Green P Parking under the building directly south of us, entrance is on Vaughan Road.

Green P Parking behind Tim Hortons, entrance on Kenwood Avenue, west on St Clair from Bathurst, on the north side.

Meter Parking on the street on the south side of St Clair west of Bathurst and on the east side of Vaughan Road south of St Clair.

E-transfer to:

Be sure to put the patient name and date of birth in the e-transfer message so your payment can be applied to the correct child’s account.

Credit card – call the office 416-531-3331

Cheque: made payable to the Dr that provided the service (on the invoice) and mail to 1466 Bathurst Street, Suite 201 Toronto,M5R 3S3

Contact Us

Our team of pediatricians consists of five general pediatricians as well as a number of pediatric specialists. We offer both primary care and consultation for children and teens ranging from newborn to 18 years.

1466 Bathurst St, Suite 201
Toronto ON M5R 3S3

Phone: (416) 531-3331

Fax: (416) 531-1639

1466 Bathurst St, Suite 201
Toronto ON M5R 3S3

Phone: (416) 531-3331
Fax: (416) 531-1639