Online Appointment Booking now Available!

Online booking is available for Annual Check Ups and Well baby Check Ups only.

  • All other appointment requests will need to go through our contact page. Sick Visit Walk In times are posted near the bottom of the contact page.

    Patients booking appointments for other reason than listed above should be aware their appointment will be automatically cancelled without notice.

  • If you do not show up for your appointment, an invoice will be mailed.

Please note

  • You need 365 days between annual check ups
  • 1 year old checkups AFTER their 1st birthday
  • 4 year old checkups AFTER their 4th birthday
  • 14 year old checkups AFTER their 14th birthday

All other appointments, please click the button below

Please click the link corresponding to your physicians schedule below
to book your appointment.

Dr. Sheila Jacobson
Dr. Michael Peer
Dr Carolyn Taylor
Dr. Kate Amiel
Dr. Sharon Naymark
Dr Joanna Massam

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Our team of pediatricians consists of five general pediatricians as well as a number of pediatric specialists. We offer both primary care and consultation for children and teens ranging from newborn to 18 years.

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