Welcome to Clairhurst Pediatrics

Welcome to Clairhurst Pediatrics

Welcome to Clairhurst Pediatrics

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Welcome to Clairhurst Pediatrics

Clairhurst Pediatrics is one of the largest pediatric offices in the GTA. We strive to provide the highest quality medical care for our patients and their families.

NOTE:  14year olds are receiving letters from Public Health reminding them they are due to get TDaP vaccine, some of them suggest suspension from school.

Please make sure you update Public Health Immunizations on line if the vaccine has already been administered.

All 14 year vaccines will be administered at the first annual check-up appointment after the 14th birthday.  The paediatricians are booking 3-4 months in advance, so contact us to book ahead before you receive a note from Public Health as we cannot accommodate walk ins and have no slots available for last minute check ups.

There will be a fee to administer to all non-OHIP covered vaccinations. i.e.: Twinrix, Tb Tests etc.


We REQUIRE 48hours business days notice of cancellation by phone or web message (use contact us tab).  If you receive an invoice in the mail it is because we didn’t receive notice of your cancellation. 

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Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, phones are answered from 9.45am – 4pm.

We have daily walk in hours , see the schedule on our walk in page and come in during the times posted.

On weekends, the on call doctor is posted on our website and answering machine.

If it is an Emergency, go directly to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department

Call your pharmacy, they may have repeats still available, if not, ask them to fax a repeat request to us.  

The doctor will fill out the request and fax it back to the pharmacy unless the patient needs to be seen, in this case, we will call you to book an appointment. There may be a charge for this service.

It can take a few days for us to provide this to the parent/patient only.  It can be picked up or mailed to your home address, please contact us with your request.

A referral from your family physician or pediatrician is required by fax to book an appointment with one of our specialists. Appointments are sent to the referring doctor.

Send a message to us using the Medical Advice form under the Private Services tab and we will forward your question to the nurse or doctor.  Please note, this is not covered by OHIP and there may be a charge.  Often you will receive a call back to book an appointment as many conditions need to be seen or listened to for a diagnosis and/or treatment advice. (eg: breathing & coughing, bleeding and skin issues)

Some forms require the patient to have been seen recently, please check the form and book an appointment for a physical if necessary, (eg. blood pressure, height & weight is requested on the form).

It may take a couple of weeks to complete forms, make sure you have filled in the patients name and demographics before sending it to us by fax, mail or drop off at reception, be sure to include a number that we can reach you at when it is ready for pick up.

Many forms are not covered by OHIP, check the un-insured services page on our website or contact us for cost.

Annual Physical: Our pediatricians are often booked a few months in advance, especially for those popular after school appointments so please plan ahead.

For non-urgent appointments we can be booking two or three weeks ahead.

Of course, if your child is sick or the condition cannot wait, come in during the times posted for our daily walk in or weekend schedule.

If it is an Emergency go directly to your nearest Hospital Emergency Department or call 911

You have received a service that was not covered by OHIP. See our uninsured services page on the website.

The patients (MOH OHIP) health card is not valid, it may have expired or is inactive. You need to go to Service Ontario or call the number on the back of the green OHIP card

We endeavour to return all calls in a timely manner, however; often bad reception from mobile phones, inaudible (speaking to quietly, background noise, not leaving a clear phone number or name) prevents us from returning calls. 

Sometimes it can take a few days for us to compile information or get the answers needed.  If you have not received a return call in 2 days, please call again or send a message using the contact us tab on the website.